Vietnam Airlines

Beginning with a fleet of only 5 aircraft in 1956, Vietnam Airlines has been through some dramatic changes to become what it is today. Originally known as Vietnam Civil Aviation, we began flying as an independent airline soon after nationalizing Gia Lam Airport. In the ensuing more than fifty one years, we've been through many changes. And with every change, we've developed, expanded and improved our service to become an airline of international standard.

In 1976, we became known as the General Department of Civil Aviation in Vietnam. That same year we began full operations, carrying 21,000 passengers, including 7,000 on international flights and 3,000 tones of cargo.

In 1993, we underwent our final change in name to become Vietnam Airlines. In 1995 Vietnam Airlines Corporation was formed by Vietnam’s Prime Minister. Our functions and tasks of business cover the following areas: to engage in trade, services, airline passenger transport and cargo transport domestically and abroad in line with the State’s Civil Aviation development plans; to make plans for development, investment, construction, securing funds, leasing and buying airplanes, maintaining equipment, exporting and importing materials, equipment, spare parts, and raw materials needed for the business activities of Vietnam Airlines; to cooperate and form joint ventures with organizations in the country and abroad in accordance with State laws and policies; fulfilling business tasks in accordance with the law; to obtain and effectively use, save and develop the State's funds including capital to invest in other companies; to receive and effectively use natural resources, land, trading rights, and others resources entrusted by the State to do business and perform other duties; to organize and manage the application of new technology and techniques and to train and support the continued development of Vietnam Airlines staff. Since that time, we have enjoyed remarkable growth in passenger traffic.

Onward the future, Vietnam Airlines will become a strong economic group that aids in the task of industrialization and modernization and contributes to security and national defense. With a base in air transportation, Vietnam Airlines will diversify its branches and trades, modernize quickly, adopt new technique and improve itself to become a modern and prestigious airline that embodies Vietnam’s national identity. It will become a leader in the region in terms of high-quality services and business efficacy.

We have worked hard to increase our network in the last 5 years and will continue to expand and add many new international and domestic flights. Currently we operate and codeshared co-operate to 38 destinations around the world, in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. Domestically we fly to 18 destinations.

In 2006, approximately 6.8 million people choose to travel aboard Vietnam Airlines. That figure includes over 3.1 million passengers on international flights, and 3.7 million on domestic flights, more than one billion USD revenue. In the same year, we also carry an impressive 106 thousand tons of cargo.

To make flying Vietnam Airlines even more convenient for passengers, we have entered into partnerships with other international airlines around the world, signing co-operative agreements on such matters as joint service, revenue pooling, code-sharing and special prorate agreement.

Currently, Vietnam Airlines Corporation’s scope of business covers the following areas: Transportation of passengers and cargo - General sales agent for foreign airlines - Petroleum - Plastic - Print - Import and export - Staff, ground handling and equipment leasing....